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Graphic design

Top quality designs for your business cards, posters, booklets, flyers, invitations, brochures or any other advertising materials? You have just found the right partner.

Digital printing

In 2017 we printed so far 23,104,268 documents up to A3+ (SRA3) format. The next tens, hundreds or thousands can be yours.

Document personalization

We prepare more than 80,000 personalized advertising documents daily. Thus, we increase the overall response to your campaign, decreasing the cost of each acquired customer. And that is something we call a win-win situation.

FMCG products – supreme energy gums

We are a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of FMCG products, specifically energy chewing gum.

Use of databases

The way we see it, marketing is all about effectiveness. We’ll ensure that your marketing database is up-to-date at all times, increasing the impact of your advertising activities and thus the return on investment.

Web presentation development

Beyond our standard services, we also create wonderful, yet functional corporate website or project-oriented microsites which will serve as the central landing page of your campaign.

Offset printing

Leaflets, flyers, booklets, you name it. We can print basically anything, and the quantity depends entirely on you. We can process a thousand brochures or hundreds of thousands flyers.

Distribution of prints

To date, we have dispatched 4400 kilos of printed materials. Thanks to our subcontractors, we can provide direct distribution in the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Quebec, Australia and USA for you as well.

Filling and completion of envelopes

In 2017 we have filled 3,850,684 envelopes. And counting. The next one can be yours! We can provide fully-automated or manual filling and completion and we guarantee quality and speed. 

Postcard creator app

A picture is worth a thousand words. AppyCards! is a simple photo postcard app that allows you make & send your own postcards from your computer or phone within just a few minutes. 

Direct mailing

Within the direct mailing service, we can process your text, images, graphics, barcodes and even classification data. Here is a fun fact that says more about our work: we dispatch 15,084 direct mails daily.

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