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Frequently asked questions

Offset printing

What is the maximum amount of materials you can print?

We can cope with one thousand, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands materials. It only depends on you.

What are the main benefits of offset printing?

Offset printing enables spot color printing. Also, in the case you need to print color on large surfaces, offset printing can offer a higher quality than digital printing.

Can we ask for related services, in addition to the offset printing, such as completion?

Of course. In addition to offset printing, you can approach us for related services such as graphic design for advertising (and other) materials, their completion after printing and the following distribution.

Digital printing

What formats do you work with?

Our printers enable printing directly from computers which allows us to work with any extended format: DOC, XLS, PDF, JPG, TIF or PNG and others. Nevertheless, the best result is guaranteed with a printing PDF, a format designed specifically for printing.

Can we approach you with other demands related to digital printing?

Yes of course. In addition to the printing, we can also help you with the graphic design of your documents, their completion after printing and the following distribution.

What formats can you print?

We can cope with formats from the size of a business card (85 x 55 mm) to a A3+ format, also known as SRA3 (450 x 320 mm).

Direct mailing

What can you offer in direct mailing?

Each client is different so we will cope with your requirements. We can process variable data such as first name, last name, address, variable data matrix, QR code or EAN-Code; local postal requirements. Direct mailing has no secret for us.

Tell us what your challenges are and let us bring you solutions.

We care about personal information that could escape. Is it safe with you?

Our entire production facility is secured with cameras and an authorization system which doesn’t allow any unauthorized entrance. Our IT system handles millions of confidential data daily.

In what form should we supply a database with variable data?

Databases should be supplied in a CSV or XML format, but we can also cope with an XLS or TXT.

In what format should we supply documents (templates)?

Documents should be supplied in an INDD or PDF/DOC format which we will transform according to the specific use.

Filling and completion of envelopes

How does the filling and completion of envelopes work?

It can be automated or manual. Automation provides speed in the filling of envelopes with standard formats (papers), while the manual labor enables us to add small objects of atypical sizes (small prizes).

What do I have to provide for envelope printing?

You need to have an artwork, ideally in the correct format (DL, C5…). If you wish, we can help you with this step.

If you have an agreement with a local postal operator, tell us the requirements or bring us your envelopes already pre-printed.

If you prefer leveraging our volumes with yours, let’s get better prices together. If you want to work with our postal operators, we will tell you the printing constraints.

What is the maximum amount of A4 sheets I can place within an envelope?

Usually 5 to 6 A4 sheets for a DL format and 8 to 10 for a C5.

In case I wish to add a small prize into envelopes, do you have any constraints?

We work with various envelopes formats and boxes, we can develop formats for you and bring recommendations to optimize postal rates. 

But usually everything within the size of 100 x 100mm and a high of 30mm is considered as a small object and should be fine (in an envelope). The overall weight of the prints and the prize together shouldn’t exceed 100g.



Using of databases

Why work with a marketing database?

A well prepared database will allow you to target your advertising campaign with precision and therefore increase its profitability.

How do you proceed while creating and managing a database?

First, we take the data you supply, sort it out and clear it of all duplicities (on a corporate, family and individual scale). Then we check information about addresses, indicating the deliverability to each of them. In the end, we deliver the complete database which you can either work with yourself or leave it to our disposition for further cooperation (e.g. direct mailing).

The law is very specific about dealing with personal information. Are you aware of it?

Yes. In all circumstances, we work with databases which are in accordance with The Law on the Protection of Personal Data no. 101/2000 Coll.

Print distribution

To what type of addresses do you deliver?

With the help of our subcontractors, we will deliver prints to natural and legal entities.

In what countries can you distribute?

We can provide distribution on the territory of the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Quebec, Australia and USA.

The core of our business lies in these countries. Should you want to deliver the goods to other countries, please let us have your requirements, and we will do our best to meet them.

What can we distribute with your help?

We will help you with the distribution of correspondence, small objects, samples, postcards, invoices, marketing materials etc.

Web presentation development

What type of website can you create?

Anything you wish for. Put no limits to your imagination. You can rely on us either you need to launch a new e-shop, a standard corporate webpage or a product-oriented microsite.

How long does it take before the website is finished?

Naturally, it depends on the website size. Generally, though, the delivery time is within weeks.

Document personalization

Why should we embark document personalization?

There are two main reasons: you will increase the response to your campaign while decreasing its price at the same time.

What should we supply so that you can create our personalized documents?

We can either use your existing documents and only print personalized data, e.g. recipients names, or we can take charge of the whole project from A to Z. We will prepare graphic design, personalize, print, complete, fill envelopes, print addresses on them and distribute the final product.

Graphic design

What if we cannot decide upon our logo?

No problem, you are not alone. You only have to provide us with enough information about your business and send us a few examples of logos that appeal to you and we will create a logo tailored specifically for your purpose.

We need to print a flyer with the same colors (color shades) as the rest of our corporate prints, but we don’t possess the exact information specified for CMYK or Pantone printing. We only have the design in MS Word. Can you still work with it?

Unfortunately, if we had to print a design from an MS Word document you provide, we cannot guarantee the exact same colors. The color specification in this type of document is unsufficient for graphic programs. The only way (without a CMYK or Pantone specification) is to send a sample of existing corporate materials by post that we will analyze and find equivalent CMYK specifics.

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