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Mechanical Equipment

Xerox Nuvera™ 314 EA

An easy to operate digital printer, based on the following four qualities:
1. print quality and appearance similar to offset printing,
2. speed,
3. printing efficiency,
4. performance.
The comparison with offset printing will be apparent as soon as you see the first printed page with a smooth, matte surface.
The printer can accommodate a variety of data in personalized documents and high definition graphics. It can print up to 4,000,000 printed materials monthly.
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Xerox D125

The Xerox D125 printer can print up to 125 pages per minute, maintaining a very professional looking output.

It can utilize all the usual formats of the A4 type as well as those used for specific purposes, e.g. SRA3.

Its printing capacity of up to 700,000 pages per month, the ability to process different types of paper from 52 g/m ² to 253 g/m ² and extra features such as the paper punch, guarantee 100% quality results every time.

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Color 1000 Presses

Printing with Color 1000 Presses provides great mid-tones, sharp text, clean halftones, detailed shadows and the perfect rendering of photographs.
All this is accompanied with perfectly balanced brightness ranging from 182 mm x 182 mm to 330 mm x 488 mm and a weight from 55 gsm to 350 gsm.
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A high-speed enveloping line allows for handling a wide portfolio of envelope sizes, including the C4 format. In one hour, it can fill:
10,000 pieces of DL format,
12,000 pieces of SW format,
8,000 pieces of C4 format.
You can also (thanks to the possibility of combining different rotation and friction feeders) add a wide range of various supplements.
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The enveloping line is designed specifically to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. At the rate of 5 400 filled envelopes per hour, it can satisfy the vast majority of medium and large companies.
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